Flvto is a free online video converter for YouTube. Flvto offers a method to convert videos of YouTube directly in your browser, you don't need to download any software or subscribe to any service. You can convert each video of YouTube to mp3. Since the closure of YouTubeMP3.org, Flvto raises in traffic and grow to the Alexa top 500 list of the most visited websites. The service guides you comfortable through the three steps of conversion.
Since August 2018 the major labels started to sue flvto and the partner site 2conv. Both sites should stop their service or they will get into legal trouble. Till now, both sites remain online.

Flvto is a modern youtube to mp3 converter software. We are offering a popular internet based platform for everybody. Our platform streams the youtube videos directly to the visitor without saving it in our systems. The video converting process will be proceeded in the visitors browser. This technology is revolutionary and we are the first of this kind of youtube to mp3 converter. Just try it out and enter a youtube video url to the input field above and click the "To MP3" button next to it.

What Flvto offers:
  • Download videos from YouTube
  • Converting videos to mp3
  • Downloading videos in high quality formats (.webm/.mp3/.mp4 etc.)

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